Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun Yet Pointless Blog Contests

Everyone loves a good contest, right? They're exciting, the prizes are GREAT (more often than not), and you have a good chance of actually winning...right? Yeah, not so much. And yeah, this is my rant on blogging contests. Whether you're entering a contest from your favorite site like TwitterMoms or from your favorite blogger, you DON'T stand much of a chance at winning. Period.

This especially holds true when it comes to entering the contests of your favorite Mom Blogger. Unless you're one of HER favorite bloggers and increase HER site traffic, you can simply forget about it. The rules always require you to blog about the giveaway & link to her blog (thus encouraging your readers to now become her readers), follow her on twitter, RT her on twitter at least three times a day(thus turning your followers into her followers), and what do you get in return?

NOTHING. She will almost never follow you back on twitter because she has thousands of followers, and has no reason to become one of your readers - because SHE'S the blogger to read. They say the winners are randomly chosen, but YEAH RIGHT! She's probably checking to see how many followers & readers you have to see how its going to benefit her.

I have concluded that the blogging world - *ahem* "Blogosphere" - is now a popularity contest. Just. Like. High school. Yep.

Blogging is nothing like it was when I first started in 2001. We actually got to know one another, read each other's blogs, and blogged because we simply wanted to write. About whatever. A lot of it just seems so superficial now. Everyone is more interested in "How can I get more readers?" instead of just writing whatever's on your mind. Now that isn't to say that sponsored posts (which I'm guilty of) or being popular is a bad thing...I just wonder if that's the ONLY reason people are writing now. Of course it is! Mom Bloggers have been featured on every news program, talk show, magazine, and newspaper. Its a business that's making pretty decent money.

Wait...maybe I should try getting in on that. Let me think about that one...Oh hell, who am I to talk? I have my Passion Parties business advertised here along with a few affiliate links. Yeah, I really can't talk since I just plugged myself. LMAO Maybe I'll start hosting my own giveaways...I'm sure my dear cousin - Casse AKA Catholic Kittie - would enter and help me out...right, Cousin?

Anyway, the topic at hand is blog contests. Maybe if I actually WIN one, my mind will change. And maybe then I'll keep those contest entries posted on my blog. But until then, I'm just a little-ol' SAHM with 16 readers, writing about whatever comes to mind.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to get FIT! This is pathetic. And embarassing.

I went to my mom's house two days ago and reluctantly stepped on her scale...only to see that I had gained more weight than I thought. My last weigh-in was *** even, but now...***. Twelve freakin' pounds. I just wanted to cry. Well into adulthood, I never weighed more than 135, which was GREAT! All of a sudden I ballooned to *** right before my wedding two years ago, and it went downhill from there.

Damn, did I really just post my weight for the world to see?? YIKES! **deleted!** Now I have to do something about it because I can't claim its "baby weight" anymore...Marcus is a year old now.

I don't like having to buy bigger clothes every time I go shopping. Its humiliating and expensive. I can't AFFORD to gain weight. Starting today I will begin to make changes in my lifestyle. I'll be walking Katy Trail THREE times a week, eating breakfast, and finding an accountability buddy.

While I'm at it, I'm going to make a few t-shirts and backpacks with my Passion Parties business logo & info on them. Maybe that will get me talking about it just a little more.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's Celebrate LIFE! A message to my family.

A little background on this one: my grandfather (Pawpaw) died of cancer last year, just two days before Thanksgiving, and my son (Baby DJ) was born just three days after Thanksgiving. Its been a tough start to the Holiday season for us all this year.

Good morning, family!

I'm sending out a quick reminder for 's 1st birthday party tomorrow @ 4pm. Though Pawpaw/Grandpa/Daddy/Buster is no longer with us, God did bring us . Let's take this time to celebrate life - both the one we lost and the one we were blessed with just one year ago this week. Pawpaw left us when he did so that he could spend those five precious days alone with .

I know we are all really upset right now (I'm crying as I write this message), but we can get through this together. Tomorrow is a celebration of LIFE!

I have been especially conflicted in the way I feel because I want to be happy and focus on nothing but my son's birthday, but it seems to be overshadowed by death. How can I be happy when I'm sad? How can I be sad when I have so much to be thankful for? My son's birthday is (and birth day last year was) so bittersweet.

The night before my Pawpaw's funeral last year, I cried on a nurse's shoulder when it really hit me that I wouldn't be able to make it to his services. Then I realized that he would never get to hold his great grandson, and that would never know his great grandfather. It was my nurse that night who helped me to realize that our family had an angel watching over our son. She said, "Sweetheart, they've already met..." I'll stop there because I will cry if I say anymore.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

One year later.

Yesterday made one year that my Pawpaw passed away. I still can't get over the fact that I wasn't at his funeral, it was the day we brought Baby DJ home from the hospital. I feel guilty that I can't be 100% focused on Baby DJ's birthday without thinking about him. Its bittersweet, you know? Grandparents aren't supposed to die. Please pray for me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I need a new hobby...

I already have a successful business with Passion Parties and I couldn't be more satisfied with my business, but I'm thinking I need to take up a new hobby. Problem is, I'm not sure WHAT that hobby should be! LOL

Years ago I was a religious blogger, then photography was my passion. I'm a crafting nerd already (beading, painting, building, etc.), but I want get into something new...

Here's what I'm considering:
*making lingerie (fun panties, actually)
*making cloth diapers <--- I REALLY want to dabble in this!
*making leather jewelry & accessories.


I'm a lover of each of these so its hard to narrow it down to one, you know? The diapers will probably be the easiest to start with and since Baby DJ is beginning the potty training phase, I suppose I could also make his training pants...hmmm...sounds like I've just made my decision!

Cloth diapers & training pants it is!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Transitions...NOT So Easy!

Now that my "Baby DJ" is almost one, I am working on two major transitions: bottle -> cup and formula -> cow's milk.

He's been drinking water, juice, and formula from a cup for quite some time now, so that isn't the hard part. The hard part is milk. (He was breastfed from day 1 and I'm SO proud that I was able to stick with it for as long as I did.) Anyway, back to the milk...I haven't tried it in his bottle w/ formula yet, but I may give it a go tomorrow afternoon.

This morning I gave him a cup of milk as I cooked our breakfast. His reaction? Big swallow (expecting juice, no doubt), frown, throw the cup at me, and storm off. LMAO! I wasn't quite expecting that one! I tried handing it to him a few more times, but he would either run from me, push the cup away, or fuss. All I could do was laugh and leave the cup where he could get it should he get thirsty enough to drink it. That never happened, though.

I'm going to keep this one short since I'm laying in bed typing on the BB...

Any advice from you pro moms out there?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

SHAMELESS REVIEW (unsolicited): Fisher-Price Cheer For Me Potty (Save your $$)

My son is an early bloomer so I wanted to begin his potty training before his first birthday. I saw this potty and thought it would be great because he loves flushing the big toilets in our bathrooms. Singing, actual flushing motion, toilet paper...what kid wouldn't be encouraged, right? was a huge disappointment. First, its VERY poorly made. It isn't sturdy at all so when my son tried to sit on it, he fell flat on his behind. Second, IT DOESN'T WORK! I bought bought fresh batteries when i bought the potty, but there was no sound whatsoever. Never has been. I tried a different brand of batteries, but still nothing. Imagine my disappointment when Baby DJ went potty for the first time, turned to flush, but looked puzzled when it didn't do anything. I was proud and heartbroken at the same time. Finally, "Fisher-Price" should call this potty "OVER-PRICED!" $30 for a potty that doesn't work? There's no way to get your money back, I was told that I was just SOL. I tried returning it the night I bought it, but Wal-Mart (who usually returns EVERYTHING) said that since it had been opened, I couldn't return it. Fisher-Price said the exact same thing.

I expected more from them. I won't waste my money on their family of products from here on out.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal opinion and observation of my son's experience with this toy. I am in no way being compensated for this review!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Richard Miles: Welcome Home

Imagine being arrested at 19 years old. Imagine being convicted of murder and attempted murder. Imagine sitting in prison for 15 years. Imagine your father dying just months before you were to come home. Now, imagine going through all this and actually being INNOCENT.

That's exactly what happened to my pastor's eldest son, Richard Miles.

Here's the report from NBC: "Man Convicted of Murder Freed Over Tainted Trial"

Here's the Dallas Morning News article: "Withheld Evidence in Dallas Murder Case Frees Man After 14 Years. *It was actually 15 years; he was in county lockup for one year awaiting trial.*

View more news videos at:

All of this because police officers and attorneys withheld important evidence, case details, and a confession. A witness said the killer was a black man in a white tank top, shorts and held the gun in his right hand. 1995 a LOT of men wore white tank tops, but Richard Miles was wearing jeans and is LEFT-HANDED!

When his family told us he was being released, my first thought was, "Oh my God! WOW! That's such good news!" Everyone was ssso excited! I mean, how could you not be? But then reality set in...

How is someone supposed to just mix right back into society after this? He was freakin 19 years old when he was arrested...19! So much time lost. The things so many of us take for granted, he missed out on: searching for "The One" to grow old with, starting a family, finding that "perfect" job that leads to a great career, buying a home, a big 21st birthday bash, the dreaded 30th birthday celebration, siblings' weddings, the birth of nieces & nephews, family know...LIFE. Life is already hard enough, but imagine losing 15 years of yours and then having to start over. Ridiculous.

"A finding of innocence would make Miles eligible for money from the state, which this year passed the nation's most generous compensation law. Texas pays the wrongly convicted $80,000 for each year they spent behind bars, plus a lifetime annuity worth at least $40,000 a year."
~From the aforementioned NBC DFW report.

He deserves THAT money and so much more. How many other innocent people are in prison right now for crimes they didn't commit? It turns my stomach to think about it. What would Richard's family be going through had he been sentenced to death? How many innocent people have been sentenced to death for crimes they had not committed? Its something to think about.

Thank God for Dallas's new District Attorney Craig Watkins and Centurion Ministries, the organization that help to free Richard Miles.

*Yes, I know I repeated Richard Miles' full name several times, but after what he's been through, he deserves to have his name heard (and read).*


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addiction, Intervention & Rehab: It can happen to anyone.

Here lately I've been watching a lot more Intervention on A&E. You've probably seen it: the addict believes they're the subject of a documentary and are there to share their story along with their family, but at the final meeting there's an intervention. Their initial reaction is (usually) one of surprise, anger, and betrayal. All at once. Sometimes they turn and leave, other times they stick around just to amuse their families. More often than not, they accept the help being offered to them. It can be easy to judge people, but once you really get to know the families on TV, you begin to understand their struggles and realize that they're just like you and me. And that it really can happen to anyone.

The best and most important thing you can do if you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction is to GET HELP.

Choosing a rehab program is a difficult and daunting task. Michigan drug rehab is a referral service designed to assist you in finding the best treatment possible for your individual situation. They offer,at no cost to you, rehab program information for recovery of substance abuse addictions including: inpatient, outpatient, long term, short term, 12 step, Non 12 step, executive, teen, adult, medical detox, drug free detox, and many others.

"We have achieved relationships with providers of addiction treatment programs to place addicted individuals into the best rehab for that individual.

Our knowledgeable and empathetic staff has excellent track record finding rehabs for those in need.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of addiction please complete our brief online assessment form or give us a call immediately, we can help." ~Michigan drug rehab

Do it for yourself. Do it for the people you love.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, what did I ever do without you?

Can someone please tell me what we ever did without the Crackberry Blackberry?

I've had mine for over a year and I'm completely, totally, 100% addicted to it! When I go into another room, it goes. If I have to get something out of the car, its in my pocket. If I'm driving, its between my legs - on vibrate, of course! :) If I'm sitting on the sofa watching Baby DJ play, the damn thing is right beside me.

I can remember when I had to always have a quarter or two in my pocket in case I needed to call my mom at home or at work. When I turned 16 and got my first job, she bought me a pager because I took to the bus to work (as a grocery store cashier) after school. Still had to have change to call her back on the pay phone, though. I was 18 years old and out on my own before I actually got get a cell phone because my mom simply refused to buy me one. At first I was mad, but got over it because I didn't have anyone to call except her; but once I did get a cell phone, it was all over. I was the only one of my friends to have a job, cell phone, AND my own apartment. I was cool stuff.

These days I'm addicted to my Blackberry, as is everyone else I know, and THAT'S why it's so affectionately known as the Crackberry. Seriously, its as addicting as that nasty, crippling white stuff! Or so I've In the words of the ever-so-fabulous Whitney Houston, "Crack is wack." and I agree. I sit here typing this, my phone is to the right of my keyboard and I pick it up every single time the red light blinks because that means I have a new email or text message. Pathetic? Yeah, it really is. If I'm at the computer, why won't I just my check email from it? I have no idea. Why can't I go one doggone day without my Blackberry? Why do I use it's GPS navigation when I know exactly where I'm going? Why do I pick it up every 90 seconds or so just to see if anything is new? Why do I check my friends' Facebook stats and update my own from it if I'm at home? Why? Why? Why? I don't know. Its sad and everyone with a Blackberry knows it is. They're just like me, ya know. Addicted.

What the heck did we do before cell phones? Hmmm....we visited family and friends, talked to them in person. We wrote letters to keep in touch. We focused on actually working at the office or on the sales floor. We gave a damn about our lives and those of others on the road (Texting-while-driving is a serious problem, and is an act I DO NOT condone!). We simply had more important things to do and valued the people around us.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There ARE still good people around!

The front-page AOL report titled, "Late Fundraiser Keeps Student in College" really touched my heart. 22-year-old Demorris Davis is now a Senior at Western Carolina University thanks to Western Baptist Church campus minister, Jason Speier.

Jason found out that Demorris was being forced to leave college if he couldn't come up with $5,100 in 24 hours due to a financial aid mix-up. The minister reached out to his Facebook friends for help in coming up with the money, and people did just that! Friends and strangers alike made PayPal donations and called the Financial Aid Office directly. $5 here, $100 there.

People ask me all the time why I choose to donate to the organizations that I do or volunteer my time and talents for perfect strangers...well, THIS is why. That $20 donation could be sending someone to college, feeding a hungry baby, funding a woman's mammogram. Those few hours could help someone choose life over death, put a roof over a homeless family's head, help someone pass a test, or simply brighten up a person's day.

You just never know what you're doing for someone. It isn't a "hand out, its a hand UP." And that's exactly what most people need. I urge you all to take the time to do three good deeds a day - be it reaching something off the top shelf, making up the $2 difference for someone short on grocery money, holding the door open for a woman pushing a stroller, offering a standing person your seat, dropping your loose change into a fundraiser jar, etc. Every little bit helps and, believe it or not, people really do believe in Karma and/or want to "pay it forward." Try it, you'll feel good about yourself and better about the world we live in.

Reminds me of a song we used to sing in church growing up that said, "Give and it will come back to you/Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over/Give and it will come back to you/When you give, give to the Lord..."


Monday, September 14, 2009

On the subject of BACKING THE "F" OFF...Kanye, Taylor Swift & Beyonce at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Okay so most of you probably caught last night's show, the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and you were probably just appalled as I when Taylor Swift won "Best Female Video" and went up to accept her Moonman...that is until that arrogant SOB Kanye West rushed the stage...

Really, Kanye? I mean, really? She's a 19-year-old girl getting her much-deserved recognition and you just waltz right on in and take that away from her. And to say BEYONCE should have won...are you freakin kidding me right now??!! Beyonce. The woman (and fellow Texan) whose video consisted of prancing around on a gray background in a leotard, tights and stilettos. Yeah. The right woman won the award, gorgeous little Taylor Swift. She sings her ASS off!

I'm not much of a Beyonce fan, but she definitely earned her brownie points in my book for being so unselfish (for the first time in a long time).

Next, can't help but believe in the back of your mind that the whole thing was staged. My husband immediately said it was fake. If you think about it, MTV is all about the staged drama...remember Bruno's bare ass in Eminem's face at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards? No? Here ya go:

Oh! How about this one:

Oh wait, that was just Amy being...well...Amy. Not an MTV stunt per se, BUT I have reserved the right to blame them for allowing her to be on live television like that. Damn enablers. Anyway...

You all get the point. Quite a bit that happens at MTV events are completely, 100% totally staged, but I really have to wonder if the same holds true regarding last night's show. I mean, Taylor looked genuinely stunned and humiliated, Beyonce was obviously caught off guard, and there wasn't a laugh in the room. So I don't know. Many of us were completely shocked to see that unfold, but just as many called MTV's bluff. What do you think?

In summary:
Kanye, grow up. You are NOT making your momma proud right now!
Shame on you, MTV.
Good for you, Bey (although I'm still not a fan, sorry).
CONGRATULATIONS, Taylor! You deserve all the recognition coming your way!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

SHAMELESS REVIEW (unsolicited): Little Tikes PopTunes Music Mixer

While on a recent trip to DC, my husband met a friend's family and discovered the BEST kids' toy around! We call it a turntable, but Little Tikes likes to call it a PopTunes Music Mixer. You get two unique sound effects per song, can slow down and speed up each song, and the turntable actually lets him scratch! How cool is that?!

The toy is meant more for toddlers, but my nine-month-old absolutely ADORES it! He fully understands how it works, remembering which buttons play his new favorite songs and he takes it everywhere he goes. Everywhere!

It plays:
Oye Como Va by Santana
ABC by the Jackson 5
I'm So In Love With You by Sean Paul
Free Your Mind by En Vogue
Whoomp! (There It Is) by Tag Team (remember them? lol)

I absolutely love how it keeps my baby entertained while getting him learning and moving. Music is a big part of our lives and looks like it'll play just as big a role in our son's life as well. This cool little toy is definitely worth checking out!

I'll now call him Baby DJ when I blog.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal opinion and observation of my son's experience with this toy. I am in no way being compensated for this review!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Mother-in-Law, BACK OFF!

Okay so my husband's mother and grandmother live about 40 minutes northeast of us and they see our son once a week. That's not so bad, is it? I figure most grandparents only see their grands about once a month or so ,some even longer, so they're lucky at weekly. Anyway...

During this particular visit last Sunday (which ended on a little bit of a lighter note), things went awry when I sat down to eat. My son was in his high chair right beside me and was hungry, too, so I was feeding him Lasagna in Meat Sauce (Gerber 3rd Foods), one of his favorites. Now this is no big deal to me, I'm completely used to eating at the same time he does; in fact, it keeps him from begging for my food! Everything was good DMIL walked over with a plate of smashed carrots and potatoes and started feeding him AT THE SAME TIME! "Excuse me! Are you serious right now?" was all I could think. My feelings were hurt AND I was pissed!

I mean, seriously, I am this kid's mother yet she just walked on over and started feeding him. And she said nothing. No "Would you like me to help?" or even "Here, let me do that so you can eat." Either would have been fine, but she said absolutely nothing; instead, she proceeded to just laugh and smile and play with him. REALLY??? *If I could insert smileys here, they'd have steam coming out of the ears!*

***PAUSE*** At this point I'm getting upset all over again so I'm going to take a minute...Okay, I'm better now.

I sat there steamed for just a moment...then I put his spoon down onto my plate and put the lid back onto his lasagna. Next I sat there with an angry look on my face for just a second more. And THEN I stood up...walked past her...threw his food away...walked past her again...dumped my food into the trash...walked past her again...poured out my glass of water...and, yes, walked past her one more push my chair in, grab my purse and walk into the living sit on the sofa and pout (damn near crying). It took everything in me to not yell, "What the hell are you doing? I KNOW you see me feeding my son!"The only reason I didn't say anything to her is because my husband doesn't even stand up to her so I didn't want to come off as the bitchy, hateful daughter-in-law/wife.

My husband, who was already in the living room watching tv, asked what was wrong. All I could do was look at him. He rolled his eyes and said quietly, "If you're gonna act like this then you should have stayed at home." WHAT?! I'M THE BAD PERSON?? YOU ALREADY KNOW I "HATE" COMING OVER HERE!! In order to keep my cool and tell him what happened at the same time, I sent him the following text message: "It hurt my feelings for me to be in the middle of feeding when your mom came and just started feeding him something else. It was like I didn't even exist." He proceeded to roll his eyes and say I was being silly. I hated him at that moment.

By the end of the night we were all laughing and talking again, but she never acknowledged what she did to me. I was still upset, but made the most of the visit. If I had said anything it would have come out all wrong. Because this happened, I won't be going back to visit.

Am I so wrong for the way I felt? I mean, I was both hurt and upset that someone would do such a thing. Not even my own mom would do some sh!t like that. It made me feel as if my parenting simply weren't enough, like she figures she knows what's best for MY son. What do you think? Did I handle it properly? I don't think I'm being unreasonable here.


Don't Judge Me

Okay look, I'm a good mom great mom. My son is WELL taken care of, gets lots of love and wants for absolutely nothing. My issue, then? I just don't feel like I was born with that loving, motherly instinct that so many women brag about. There's only so much I can take from anyone, baby included.

I'm guilty of letting Baby DJ (9 months old) cry when I know nothing is wrong, BUT this happens only AFTER I've tried feeding, soothing and giving him "lots of lovin." So I let him cry a time or that so bad? Heck no! Here's why it can be good: this afternoon we were hanging out in the living room after he had carrots and Welch's White Grape Juice (his favorite!) when he threw a temper tantrum. I mean arms flailing, couldn't stand up, tears out the wazoo...just plain unhappy! Being supermom, I pick him up, offer him juice, apply some Orajel to his gums (damn those cutting teeth!), sing to him, and sit on the floor to play with toys with him. Did any of that work? Heck no, so I just moved over to the couch and watched him cry. After about 7 minutes I laid him on my chest exactly as I did when he was first born (pictured at right)...and what do ya know? He fell asleep instantly. That's my little monster.

When I'm having an "ugly day" I let Moose A. Moose (y'all know Moose...aka the face of Noggin) entertain him. Its happened to many of you, I'm sure: no matter what you do, the day just isn't going to go right. We live in Texas so its HOTTER THAN HOT most days, which means a long walk around White Rock Lake or hitting Katy Trail (check them out, by the way is simply out of the question, though there are some exceptions. Don't get me wrong, I love getting out with Baby DJ, but its just impossible some days...especially when its blazing hot and he's fussy!

Then there are the times that I put him in the car and just drive. Nothing to do, nowhere to be, just driving so that I don't have to talk to him all day for yet another day. Seriously, there's only so much a momma can take.

Lastly...sometimes I blame Baby DJ for the 20-lb weight gain. I know, I dare I do such a thing?! Yeah, well, I know that the rest of you just KNOW that if you didn't have kids then those size 8 jeans would still fit! Yeah I said it.

At first I felt guilty for these things (and TONS more), but a quick phone call to my mom and she assured me that most mothers feel and do exactly what I do, they just don't admit it. Hell, she's the one who suggested it in the first place. So there.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres replaces Paula Abdul on Idol

Video of the Day: An Announcement from Ellen - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I love Ellen, don't get me wrong, but...Does it bother anyone else that Ellen DeGeneres has no musical experience? I mean, Paula Abdul has been in the industry since before I was born!

I just shake my head and wish Paula the best.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Flaw In Women

I do not claim these words as my own. A fellow consultant read this on Karen Phelps' blog and emailed it to one of our Yahoo groups. I've seen it before and love it so much that I felt like posting it here. Enjoy!

One Flaw in Women

Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.

They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.

They don’t take “no” for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution.

They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.
They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they
think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart.

Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

They’ll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what
makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope and love.
They have compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their
family and friends.

Women have vital things to say
and everything to give.

However, if there is one flaw in women,
it is that they forget their worth.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 Things I Didn't Know Before I Became A Mother

They're in no particular order...right now I don't have the energy to do that. Maybe another day, though :)
  1. That I would be okay with missing a shower one day.
  2. That I wouldn't feel the need to change my shirt every single time my baby spit up on me.
  3. That I would always be the last to eat - usually when dinner is cold.
    This is no longer the case as my DH now waits and helps me get 7-month-old Bay DJ to bed, no matter how hungry he is.
  4. How precious sleep and "me-time" really is.
    DH and I try to give one another at least a few hours each week.
  5. That I could ever love someone so much.
  6. The only work I'll be able to get done is when baby is sleeping, and I should be.
  7. How much I would enjoy watching a child's development.
  8. That I would miss the bonds formed when working outside the home.
  9. How successful I could actually be in working from home.
  10. That I am totally, 100% addicted to The View. Whoopi is definitely my favorite co-host!


Prophecies, Premonitions & Deja Vu

So I was reading through my old Myspace blogs, when I came across the one I'm re-posting here. It was September 22, 2008 when I'd had a dream that then-unborn baby's cord was wrapped around his tiny little neck...well, two months later I went into labor and right as it was almost time to push... his umbilical cord actually wrapped around his neck! Seriously, how crazy is that? Okay, here's the original post from my Myspace blog:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Current mood: distractable
Everything is generally good.

I am officially into my third trimester (THANK GOD!) at 29 weeks on Wednesday. Baby is still small, though, at 2.5lbs. I've been drinking lots of juice and water, but he doesn't seem to be getting any bigger...don't know why, but he's doing well nonetheless.

My contractions are getting more intense, but aren't happening too often. Once, maybe twice a day, but more if I move around too much. While trying to sort some clothes in preparation for packing, I learned why its so important for me to stay hurts to move and this baby doesn't like it at all. I swear I feel him moving down further and further when I so much as take a step. Well, Baby wins 'cause I'm not gonna take any chances. It isn't fair to him if I do.

I had a really bad dream last night, too. When I went in for a sono, they saw that the cord was wrapped around his neck. I knew the baby was in good hands, but I freaked out 'cause that meant doc had to stick his big ol man hands up there to undo it! They had to put me out 'cause I wasn't letting them go anywhere near my southern parts. What woke me up was Baby kicking me, which meant, "Turn over or I won't stop doing this!" He likes that game 'cause he did it all damn night and does it when I lay on the couch. He's a demanding little booger. lol

In Wesley's dream last night, he said Baby would cry every single time he picked him up and wouldn't stop until I took him. I was like, "That means he doesn't like you." and Wes goes, "That's okay 'cause I'm still his Daddy." That made my morning.

So today I'm pretty psyched about this little one. I never thought I'd be in this position. You know...married and pregnant. Never thought it was for me, but "Never say never," right? It feels good to be married, but it is so true when they say the first year is hard. Then we go and throw a baby in the mix. What were we thinking???

So...I'm excited, nervous, scared, among so many other things right now. I'm gonna try taking things one step at a time. Starting with this little boy.

I'll stop here 'cause I've been listening to Jaheim and now I'm completely sidetracked. Oops lol

Now, I hadn't thought anything more of that blog since then (and am not even sure why I did last night), but its a bit freaky, don't you think? I told my mom about it this afternoon and she said, "Funny how God had already told you it was going to happen, but you were still afraid when the time came, huh?"

My sweet little "hunny bunny," , was delivered by cesarean on Sunday, November 30, 2008. It was at 3am that Sunday morning that I felt the most incredible stabbing pain in my lower back and I knew right then that I was in labor. I got out of bed and got everything ready that I'd need for the hospital, laid on the couch and started timing my contractions. A little background: I went on bed rest after going into pre-term labor at 20 weeks (which is a long blog in itself!). My doctor told me I was having contractions and didn't understand how I wasn't feeling them. Finally I asked him how I would know, then, when I was having THE LABOR contractions, LABOR as in THE BABY IS COMING RIGHT N O W, and all he said was, "You'll know." with a wink and a smile. And damn it, I knew! Once they got to be about seven minutes apart, I called the hospital, woke DH up, and waited at the door. We checked in at 7:30am and at 1:05pm, was here.


Monday, June 8, 2009


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