Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun Yet Pointless Blog Contests

Everyone loves a good contest, right? They're exciting, the prizes are GREAT (more often than not), and you have a good chance of actually winning...right? Yeah, not so much. And yeah, this is my rant on blogging contests. Whether you're entering a contest from your favorite site like TwitterMoms or from your favorite blogger, you DON'T stand much of a chance at winning. Period.

This especially holds true when it comes to entering the contests of your favorite Mom Blogger. Unless you're one of HER favorite bloggers and increase HER site traffic, you can simply forget about it. The rules always require you to blog about the giveaway & link to her blog (thus encouraging your readers to now become her readers), follow her on twitter, RT her on twitter at least three times a day(thus turning your followers into her followers), and what do you get in return?

NOTHING. She will almost never follow you back on twitter because she has thousands of followers, and has no reason to become one of your readers - because SHE'S the blogger to read. They say the winners are randomly chosen, but YEAH RIGHT! She's probably checking to see how many followers & readers you have to see how its going to benefit her.

I have concluded that the blogging world - *ahem* "Blogosphere" - is now a popularity contest. Just. Like. High school. Yep.

Blogging is nothing like it was when I first started in 2001. We actually got to know one another, read each other's blogs, and blogged because we simply wanted to write. About whatever. A lot of it just seems so superficial now. Everyone is more interested in "How can I get more readers?" instead of just writing whatever's on your mind. Now that isn't to say that sponsored posts (which I'm guilty of) or being popular is a bad thing...I just wonder if that's the ONLY reason people are writing now. Of course it is! Mom Bloggers have been featured on every news program, talk show, magazine, and newspaper. Its a business that's making pretty decent money.

Wait...maybe I should try getting in on that. Let me think about that one...Oh hell, who am I to talk? I have my Passion Parties business advertised here along with a few affiliate links. Yeah, I really can't talk since I just plugged myself. LMAO Maybe I'll start hosting my own giveaways...I'm sure my dear cousin - Casse AKA Catholic Kittie - would enter and help me out...right, Cousin?

Anyway, the topic at hand is blog contests. Maybe if I actually WIN one, my mind will change. And maybe then I'll keep those contest entries posted on my blog. But until then, I'm just a little-ol' SAHM with 16 readers, writing about whatever comes to mind.



Miranda said...

I just have to say a big AMEN to this! I think I've entered one contest bc it was a blogger who I already follow and I like her. But since then I haven't put my name into any other drawing. I too believe that blogs should be for reading and for fun. Sure if you can make money that's all well and good, but I think when people turn into just giveaway blogs it gets boring quick.
Good post!! Now I have to lurk around a bit. (I'm on Renegade Moms...a lot...)

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

I hate contest that say tweet the contest or link it blah blah blah. I have hosted 2 contest and I made sure to say you don't have to follow me, tweet or anything just comment. The first and only person got the prize. my current contest is just comment and zoey will pick maybe I should have one say boost my readers but I dont want to force people to read my opinions. But cousin I am going to whore your blog like crazy now then YOU will be THE blog to read!

Shameless Momma said...

Miranda...I LOVE your blog! Now I'm gonna stalk you on Renegade Moms, they're more my style. Those bitches made me leave twittermoms! LOL

Cousin...I lurk around your blog whenever I'm on, I just don't say anything! And I love that Zoey will be choosing your winner, that's precious AND fair.

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Who made you leave where and why? Do I have to kick some butt catholic style? Which is... I will pray for their soul while I am kicking their ass, God Bless! lol

Sandi said...

I have done a few giveaways for the fun of it. The rules are always to leave a comment to enter. If you do the other things like linking, or tweeting you get extra entries. However my last winner I believe entered just the one time and won it. And I write up the entries, go to and it selects a number. I would absolutely NEVER cheat. I couldn't do that. I like getting readers, but I'm not a giveaway blog. I'm pretty random. I just like giving something away 2 or 3 times a year. haha

Anonymous said...

Good post. I agree with you. I run giveaways, but I've never forced anyone to follow me or post in order to win. I do give them that option because, let's face it, we all want followers and I like to feel like someone is reading what I have to say. I do disagree about the blog contests being difficult to win. I've won quite a few because there isn't a whole lot of competition to win. Blogging is way too intense and competitive these days, but I'm so addicted to it:-)
Keep up the good writing and thanks for not sugar coating it!