Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shamelessly Dedicated Momma

Okay - WOW - it's been quite awhile since I've updated my blog...Here's a quick run-down of what's been up since my last entry (basically all of 2010):

  • January 29th
    Husband and I separated - I left with Baby DJ in tow after a huge argument and physical altercation.

  • February 14th
    We talked about reconciliation so I went over on Valentine's Day to cook us a nice dinner, but he went to the All-Star Game with friends instead. I'm a HUGE fan of the NBA (love my Mavs!), but I wasn't invited to the game. Baby DJ was at his grandmother's house for the evening - I thought it was so that we could have Valentine's Day together, but turns out it was because he had already made plans to go out with friends. I stayed thinking he would have a change of heart and come back, but he didn't. I cooked dinner, ate alone and watched movies until I fell asleep on the sofa.

  • March 9th
    Domestic violence. He now has a felony charge pending (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon) so I won't go into detail.

  • April
    Filed for divorce

  • May
    He voluntarily had the car (that he bought for me) repossessed. Aside from Baby DJ, this was the last reminder of the failed relationship so I didn't mind seeing it go.

  • June 1st & 5th
    - Celebrated my birthday and new job in the same week. WOW, did it ever feel good to be back at work after being a SAHM for almost two years!
    - Found out he cheated (again), but this time with his "best friend" while I was pregnant and on bed rest. She was at our wedding, my baby shower, our son's 1st birthday party, and she's close to his family so she was always around. I trusted this man, whom I thought was one of the good ones. Joke was on me.

  • July
    - 4th of July - Mom's oldest brother passed away.
    - Attempted reconciliation. I know, I know..."What were you THINKING??!" is what everyone asked me. Well, I was thinking I made a promise and wanted to keep it, so divorce was on hold.
    - Bought myself a new car - YAY!

  • August
    Began to come to terms with the fact that the marriage was over, but struggled with emotion.

  • September 9th
    Judge granted my divorce at 9am, I was at work by 11am. Cold, rainy day. Oh, and I got a parking ticket at the courthouse. What a way to start my workday, right? LOL

  • October
    October sort of came and went. Whatev.

  • November
    - Baby DJ turned 2
    - New home
    - New life as a single mother begins.

  • December
    I was laid off, but didn't tell anyone for weeks. It was a bummer, but life goes on so I moved on quietly because I had to be strong for my baby boy. Besides, I have parties that make cash $$ so I had no reason to worry!

  • January 1, 2011 - Thank GOD for the New Year!
    Baby DJ was down with the flu for a week :(

What a year, right? And that was just the short version! LOL Last year was hell, but it's in the past and I promised myself that I wouldn't be a victim ever again. I am happy. LIFE IS GOOD! No complaints, no regrets. Life goes on and I have found my strength and independence once again.


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