Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby update

We went in for a sono today and saw a hearbeat!! I'm officially 6 weeks & 1 day along. Only six weeks, can you believe that? Geez, getting pregnant takes FOREVER when you're actually trying! *Trying is the best part, though!*

My expected delivery date is December 10, 2008. The best part for me is the timing of everything: Wes proposed on Christmas Day 2006, we were married Christmas 2007, and we will have a baby by Christmas 2008 (God-willing)!

I can't wait to to get the "baby bump" and actually LOOK pregnant! What'll be even better is getting to stay home from work after the baby comes!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We are having a baby! Exciting, right? We will know by Friday afternoon exactly how far along I am. I'm thinking at least 7 weeks. At least.

I will keep you all updated via this blog, which is only available to you all. Can't have work folk all in my business right now, ya know?

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