Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've been admitted to the hospital.

Okay so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. A lot of you already know pieces of what's going on, but here it is in a nutshell:

I rushed in to see Dr. Simmons Friday morning because of a MAJORLY scary issue Saturday night. He told me not to go to work, sent me down for blood work and had me come back up for a sono. He ordered me NOT to go to work Friday (I went for 2 hours anyway) AND on bed rest until Tuesday. Well, our sonologist (Michael) did his thing, noticed that something wasn't right, did something else, then went to get Dr. Simmons. Dr. Simmons came in and gave us the news: My cervix is funnelling (sp?) which basically means its preparing for delivery. SOOO I had to be admitted to Labor & Delivery late last night because I'm threatning pre-term delivery. This room will be my home for the next couple weeks at least. Did I mention that I'm on bedrest? Yeah, I can't work, do anything or go anywhere for TWO months!! I'm now on steroids and am being monitored all day to make sure I don't go into labor while I'm only at 25 weeks. So that's what's going on.

The good news: I'm not worried about a thing. Not scared, not thinking the worst, not even preparing myself for anything to go wrong. We have prayed and this Baby's life is in God's hands. Baby and me had a talk at about 5am (before my sleeping pill kicked in) and we have an understanding.

I am at Medical City Dallas. I welcome a few visitors, flowers, maaybe even a book for the baby and ESPECIALLY text messages and email. (Wes leaves his laptop with me when he doesn't have to leave and take care of music.) Please, everyone, just say a prayer, send us your love and don't worry about a thing. If you call or come by please try to hide your fear and don't tell me any horror stories. Please. For once in my life I'm trying to be optimistic and not panic.

You know what, though? I'm freakin bord as hell!! I've never been in the hospital before and that's what's bothering me. I DO NOT like sitting on my ass, especially for days on end!

That's enough for now. Wes and me are gonna watch a movie and have pizza. Good night.