Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's Celebrate LIFE! A message to my family.

A little background on this one: my grandfather (Pawpaw) died of cancer last year, just two days before Thanksgiving, and my son (Baby DJ) was born just three days after Thanksgiving. Its been a tough start to the Holiday season for us all this year.

Good morning, family!

I'm sending out a quick reminder for 's 1st birthday party tomorrow @ 4pm. Though Pawpaw/Grandpa/Daddy/Buster is no longer with us, God did bring us . Let's take this time to celebrate life - both the one we lost and the one we were blessed with just one year ago this week. Pawpaw left us when he did so that he could spend those five precious days alone with .

I know we are all really upset right now (I'm crying as I write this message), but we can get through this together. Tomorrow is a celebration of LIFE!

I have been especially conflicted in the way I feel because I want to be happy and focus on nothing but my son's birthday, but it seems to be overshadowed by death. How can I be happy when I'm sad? How can I be sad when I have so much to be thankful for? My son's birthday is (and birth day last year was) so bittersweet.

The night before my Pawpaw's funeral last year, I cried on a nurse's shoulder when it really hit me that I wouldn't be able to make it to his services. Then I realized that he would never get to hold his great grandson, and that would never know his great grandfather. It was my nurse that night who helped me to realize that our family had an angel watching over our son. She said, "Sweetheart, they've already met..." I'll stop there because I will cry if I say anymore.


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